Pepper Pot New Colors

  • 199_-_cherry_20170224_1491825562
  • 200_-_raindrop_20170224_1385373706
  • 201_-_drift_20170224_1641930169
  • 202_-_harbor_20170224_1943201847
  • 203_-_yacht_club_20170224_1466505362
  • 205_-_wasabi_20170224_2004548023
  • 206_-_asparagus_20170224_1653825449
  • 207_-_french_bean_20170224_1035117011
  • 208_-_brocoli_20170224_1881225101
  • 209_-_shallot_20170224_1072523022
  • 210_-_marmalade_20170224_1474488945
  • 211_-_squash_20170224_1746238168
  • 212_-_yam_20170224_1872592298
  • 213_-_cider_20170224_1154624520
  • 214_-_lupine_20170224_1173812958

Planet Earth Fiber

Planet Earth Silk is ideal for thirteen mesh. It glides effortlessly through the canvas and makes beautiful stitches every time. It does not pill. Each skein is 28.5 yards.

  • Suitable for 13 or 18 mesh
  • 223 colors
  • 28.5 yards
  • 100% silk


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